Window-Depot USA of Cleveland recently installed a bay window in Parma, OH at the home of Mrs. White. She knew that she would love the appearance but she also believed her cat, dog and bird would also love the view. The challenge was that her current window openings were not quite large enough for a bay window. That is where the expertise of Window Depot came in to play. They came out to her home for a consultation and informed her that she could create a new opening in the rear wall of her home. She had no idea that a project like that could be both practical and affordable. The bay window was added to the back of her suburban home outside of Cleveland, Ohio to allow more natural light to filter through the house. The window is a white Vinyl Kraft bay window that was factory finished in Cherry Stain. Window-Depot finished the outside with aluminum trim coil and soffit. The bay features a deep wooden sill where she can display her plants and has two double hung windows at each side that can be opened for fresh air. The bay window is positioned in her family dining area and will eliminate the need for turning on overhead lights during the daytime.

Highlights of bay window in Parma, OH

• Created opening for the bay window
• Increased natural light in the home
• Complete Lifetime and Life of the Home Warranty

“My dog, cat and bird all love the extra sunlight we have in the home with our new bay window!”
– Mrs. White, Homeowner

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