Window Depot recently installed new gutters ion Chandon, Ohio at the home of Denica Talty. Mr. and Mrs. Talty had no gutters installed in their home, and Mrs. Talty’s husband was sick of watching water coming off the roof causing them to get soaking wet every time it rained. Furthermore, they were very concerned about the water accumulating around the foundation of their home as they know that can cause long term damage or lead to very costly repairs for basement waterproofing. So Mrs. Talty reached out to the local community on Facebook and began asking for recommendations for a reliable gutter contractor. Gratefully, she was directed to Window Depot to assist.

After Window Depot installed the new gutters over the front door and garage, there have been no more drips and she stays dry when entering and exiting her home. The peace of mind that the water is being channeled to through the downspouts and away from her home’s foundation is and added bonus!

Highlights and Benefits of new gutters in Chandon, Ohio

  • New gutters and downspouts installed
  • Complete Lifetime and Life of the Home Warranty

“No more drips and I stay dry!”
– Mrs. Talty, Homeowner

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