Window Depot is proud to have installed new windows in Westlake, Ohio at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Carbonell. We were tasked to create 5 new openings where none previously existed and Install 5 Okna Starmark Evo double hung, composite, Double Pane windows with EnergyStar glass.

Mr and Mrs Carbonell of Westlake, Ohio recently purchased their dream home. There was only one problem. The home was too dark! There was not enough natural light in the home which Mr and Mrs Carbonell feel contributes even more to a long dreary winter in Northeast Ohio. While discussing their options, Mr Carbonell remembered that Window Depot Cleveland had cut a whole in the rear wall of their previous home and installed a patio door, so they could access their back patio from their kitchen area. As a result, they decided to call Window Depot once again for a quote on creating new openings that would allow for more Natural light in their new home. After a brief design consultation Window Depot prepared some renderings to show Mr and Mrs Carbonell what the home would look like with 5 new double hung windows installed in south wall of their home. They loved the digital drawings and decided to proceed with the plans that Window Depot had proposed. Now that the work is complete, the living room and dining room are so much brighter. The Carbonells love the light that pours in their home. Best of all the new windows match the existing windows that were original to the home. The Carbonells are extremely grateful to Window Depot for walking them through the entire process to make their dream home perfect for their specific needs.

Highlights of New Windows in Westlake Ohio Home

• Increased natural light in the home
• Energy efficient double pane glass
• Complete lifetime and Life of the Home Warranty

 “Now there’s so much light in our new home!”
– Mrs. Carbonell – Homeowner

Addition of New Windows in Westlake Ohio Home3