Window Depot of Cleveland recently performed a new storm door installation in Cleveland at the home of Mr. and Mrs. McHugh. We installed a white, arch angle heavy duty full view round top storm door on the front of the McHughs’ residence in Cleveland, OH. Mrs. McHugh has always wanted to replace her very old storm door in the arched opening in the front entrance of her home. She had originally called the manufacturer Arch Angle directly. She read that they manufacturer a variety of unique aluminum storm and can even make custom size doors to fit any home. Arch Angle then referred Mrs. McHugh to Window Depot Cleveland for the measuring, ordering and expert installation. Window Depot Cleveland had the most favorable quote and she could not be any happier with the new arched storm door, which she feels immediately transformed the entire look and feel of her home. Mrs. McHugh believes firmly that you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so she is thrilled to have the entrance way to her home as up-to-date and beautiful as possible.

Highlights of New Storm Door Installation in Cleveland, OH:

• Increased heating and cooling efficiency by creating a cushion of insulating air space between the primary door and storm.
• Showcase the beauty and design of the architecture they are meant to protect. Designed to be nearly invisible and blend in with the surroundings
• Complete lifetime and Life of the Home Warranty

“I am so thrilled how the new storm doors refreshes the whole aesthetic of the house, I already posted on Facebook as soon as the doors were installed!”
– Mrs. McHugh

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