Window Depot of Cleveland Recently performed a whole home window replacement in Lakewood, OH at the home of Ms. Ogilvie. Ms. Ogilvie of Lakewood, Ohio was trying to open her windows one day when the ropes on several of the windows broke and she couldn’t keep them open without having to prop them up. Frustrated, she looked up local businesses and came across WD of Cleveland and immediately called them. She liked that they were a local company and had a variety of options for her to choose from. The new updated windows had grids that lent a great deal of character and flair to her beautiful home as well as added functionality.

Highlights and Benefits of Whole Home Window Replacement in Lakewood, OH

  • Provia Endure double hung, double pane Energy Star glass with grids
  • White exterior/interior
  • 1 Provia Endure casement Energy Star glass with grids.
  • Increased natural light in the home
  • Energy efficient double pane glass
  • Complete Lifetime and Life of the Home Warranty

“I love the grids and how they keep the character of my home. Now if I want to crack a window, they actually stay open. And they look so nice!”
– Ms Ogilvie

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