Andrea began her search for someone who could do a patio door build out in Stow, OH  after becoming increasingly annoyed every time she and her two sons had to exit their front door, walk around the entire house, just to access their backyard and pool area! However, what would soon become Andrea’s biggest and perhaps most difficult hurdle to overcome, was finding a local company that was able to provide the services in order to grant them the accessibility they’ve longed for for so long. Andrea’s home’s exterior is brick and that proved to be the biggest issue for so many companies throughout NE Ohio. Each and every time she talked to a company, she felt as though she got closer and closer to realizing her dream of having the project accepted and completed. A brief conversation with one company led only to a longer over-the-phone consultation with another. The phone consultation led to another company setting up an in-person visit to the home; so, having a representative physically come to her home could only mean one thing, right? Surely the person coming to her home would offer next steps & recommendations, pricing & design, finally provide the Moore’s with a “light at the end of the tunnel”. Unfortunately, after greeting the aforementioned company’s rep at her door, Andrea’s hopes were dashed once again, as she was told her ideas couldn’t be realized due to her home being brick construction. All was not lost, however, as the company associate referred Andrea to WINDOW DEPOT-CLEVELAND. During the phone call with WD, Andrea received a quote/estimate for the project site unseen! Quite honestly, she couldn’t believe that there was someone who could do a patio door build out in Stow, OH for cheap! “I think I told the gentleman over the phone that my house was made of brick two or three times, as the more and more times I heard it myself, the more and more I felt it was a lost cause, and it just became entertainment”. However, once the Owner and Project Manager of WD visited her property, it was confirmed that the project would be no match and that her hope & dream would become reality. Several weeks later, the Moore family is thoroughly enjoying the new sliding patio door. Every time she opens the door, Andrea finds herself smiling & cracking up a little bit. From being told so many times it couldn’t be done and hitting so many roadblocks, it’s simply wonderful.

Patio Door Build Out In Stow, OH Project Description: 

Highlights and Benefits from the Project:

  • Custom Point of Entry/ Accessibility
  • Increased Natural Light to Interior
  • Added Value to Home + Neighborhood
  • Complete Life of the Home, Transferable Warrant

“Tony and his team were fantastic. Other companies wouldn’t even touch the project due to my home being brick. From the initial phone call to the finished installation, I always felt included in the process; the communication, recommendations, and presentation were very appreciated!“

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