Window Depot recently completed a sliding patio door replacement for the Larabee family. The Larabee family has been living in Mayfield Heights since the 1980’s. Over the years, they have made many improvements to the home’s exterior. Their previous sliding door had its fair share of issues. It had taken a beating from the weather over the years, it was heavy and challenging to operate, the caulking and finishing work had seen better days, and the door lacked the internal blinds feature which Judi desired most of all. The new patio door is vibrant, spotless, and such a breeze to operate. We even made sure to get the Larabee family a proper sliding door with blinds built in! 

Details of Sliding Patio Door Replacement

PROVIA ENDURE Sliding Patio Door — 6 Foot
• Standard Retro-Fit Installation
• Double-Pane Energy
• Foam-Filled Frame/Sash Cavities
• White Interior Finish, White Finish Exterior
• Internal Blinds (Silver)
• Modern Satin NickelHardware
• Internal Blinds; Ease of Controlling Light
• Added Security Lock Functions
• Added Value to Home + Neighborhood
• Complete Life of the Home, Transferable Warranty

I’ve wanted to get a new slider door for a long time & I’ve always desired having the internal blinds. Now that the installation is complete, I really look forward to using this feature! I never imagined liking anything more than the blinds, but I have to say that perhaps the best part about my new door is the ease of opening and closing it! Only need one finger!

Gallery of The Project

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