Window Depot recently completed a project for a new client involving an installation of a window build-out. For years, the Weissman’s thought their living room was missing something. Their living room had always felt dark and gloomy, even on the sunniest of days. With a couple of other remodeling projects being completed, the main goal they had for their home was to make the living room the new hangout room, but the only thing getting in the way was the lack of sunlight! The Weissman’s have a wonderful stone fireplace placed directly in the middle of a wall, so when sitting on the couch one afternoon it dawned on Kelly that the creation of two windows flanking the fireplace would be the perfect answer to their problem! However, could this be done? Even if they did have windows, would it increase light into the home? Afterall, with all of the dense tree coverage in the area, would the Weissman’s solve the issue, or would this idea simply turn into a dead end? Well, what worked out extremely well for the Weissman’s is that they have two bedrooms upstairs directly above the living room; and they each have their own window! So once the next sunny day hit NE Ohio, all of the nerves were settled once Mrs. Weissman took a trip upstairs. It was then she began her research looking for nearby companies that not only did window replacement, but complete window installation. Scrolling through Google, she landed on Window Depot-Cleveland, recalling the Customer Reviews being a major factor. Key words such as Customer Service, Always Available, Hassle-Free, Considerate and Professional really grabbed Mrs. Weissman’s attention.

Window Build-Out Installation Project Description

  • 60in. X 30in. Picture Windows

  • 8-Lite, Grids Between Glass (Contoured Colonial)

  • Standard Retro-Fit Installation

  • Double-Pane Energy

  • Foam-Filled Frame/Sash Cavities

  • White Interior, White Exterior

  • New Colonial/Modern Interior Molding

  • Modern White Hardware

Highlights and Benefits from the Project:

  • Increased Natural Light

  • Color + Trim Match to Existing Windows

  • Added Value to Home + Neighborhood

  • Complete Life of the Home, Transferable Warranty

“The complete dynamic of the room has changed. Our entire first floor feels so different. When we have sunny days, the light just floods into space, we truly couldn’t be happier. Everyone thinks about aesthetics from the exterior of the home, like the curb appeal. But in our case, having two windows flanking the fireplace is incredible, and the way they match our existing windows speaks volumes to the attention to detail and professionalism to the service and salesmanship.”

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