Window Depot installed black windows in Rocky River, Ohio at the home of Kathleen and Josh.  Kathleen and Joshua of Rocky River moved into their home a little less than a year ago. After moving home from San Diego and finding their dream home on the banks of Lake Erie, one of the first things the new homeowners wanted to take care of was the windows. The home was perfect, but the drabby paint color and poor functionality significantly dated the home. Right from the start, Kathleen and Joshua really liked the idea of installing black windows, but quickly learned how hard it would be to accomplish such a goal. The first hurdle was the sourcing itself. “Who knew so many window companies wouldn’t be able to source black windows”, recalled Kathleen. There are only a small handful of manufacturers that supply them, and the pricing for the materials is a lot higher than more traditional colors. That is, until Kathleen and Joshua met a representative from Window Depot Cleveland!! .PROVIA, an Amish-based manufacturer that prides itself on it’s product and people, is a vinyl window and door manufacturer that works often with Window Depot. They offer a vinyl product that features black on the exterior but white on the interior, and this was an option unseen before meeting with the team from Window Depot. After these products were selected and ultimately installed, the new curb appeal created is night and day! It’s such a dramatic, visual change. The modern black windows are extraordinary and make the home so much more aesthetically pleasing, and aside from the look, all of the windows open and close, too!

Highlights of black windows in Rocky River, Ohio

• Increased Value to Home and Neighborhood
• Modern Color Contrast & Updated Curb Appeal
• Enhanced Energy Efficient Materials + Functionality
• Complete Life of the Home, Transferable Warranty

Quote from Customer:

“We absolutely LOVE our new black exterior windows! Keeping the interior color white, keeps the inside of the home warm, cozy, and bright all year around. Window Depot being able to source black vinyl windows was the difference maker, honestly. The way the black pops off the brick is breathtaking!!” – Kathleen L. & Joshua H., Homeowners

Photos of black windows in Rocky River, Ohio