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Warranty Transfer Process

Step 1: Contact Our Offices Prior to Title Transfer

  • Inform Us:
  • Contact our offices before the title transfer to let us know about your desire to transfer the warranty to the future owner.
  • Provide your project details, including the address and the type of project installed.

Step 2: Schedule Inspection

  • Arrange Inspection:
  • Schedule a convenient time for our team to conduct a brief inspection of the project.
  • This inspection will allow us to document the condition of the installed project to ensure it meets our company and the manufacturer’s warranty transfer criteria.

Step 3: Provide Future Owner's Information

  • Submit Details:
  • After our inspection and upon approval of the warranty transfer, provide us with the name(s) and contact information of the future homeowner.
  • This information will be used to create a new warranty in the subsequent homeowner's name.

Step 4: Welcome the New Homeowner

  • Deliver New Warranty and Gift Basket:
  • Once the new warranty is created, we'll deliver it to the subsequent homeowner.
  • Along with the warranty, we'll also send a company gift basket to welcome them to the Depot family.
  • The gift basket is a token of our appreciation and a warm welcome to the new homeowner.

By following this process, customers can easily transfer their project warranty to a subsequent homeowner, ensuring peace of mind for both parties and welcoming the new homeowner to the Depot family with a thoughtful gift.