Window Depot recently performed an entryway door installation in Parma, OH. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, the client Shelbrey and her husband, Stephane, jumped at the chance to update their front entry door of their home in Parma, OH. In this case, the opportunity DID, INFACT, present itself! After a combination of neglect from previous homeowners and years of inclement weather, the doorway had started to split and drafts started to make their way into the home. Shelbrey and Stephane decided to look at options for replacement immediately after learning of the imperfections and impurities of the existing door, and amongst other NE Ohio companies, called upon Window Depot-Cleveland to gain more information of their options. What really helps Window Depot-Cleveland stand apart from the rest is how they are able to provide the customer a first-hand look at what their new entryway will look like right then and there at the property. No need to go back and forth from the office, exchange measurements and numbers with other parties, or wait to hear from the manufacturer about what can and cannot be achieved. With a couple clicks on a tablet, the Project Manager was able to provide Shelbrey and Stephane with a digital rendering within minutes of being at the property! Colors, design, windows and fixtures, you name it! On top of the phenomenal salesmanship, the Blanc’s were also very impressed by a couple other key characteristics: quick turnaround, glowing reviews left behind from previous clients on multiple platforms, and the Life of the Home Warranty! Many companies simply assure warranty claims will be taken care of for a limited time frame. Coupled with the fact that we anticipate being in this home for the foreseeable future, and Window Depot offering the Life of the Home Warranty, it’s especially comforting knowing that we will always be taken care of. The Blanc’s goal was to tackle this project quickly without sacrificing quality and professionalism. We communicated right from the beginning with several companies that we had no interest in waiting; we wanted to move forward with this project quickly. We always want our house to look as nice as possible. With Window Depot, we could tell they were on the same page, but that no corners were being cut simply to expedite the process.

Entryway Door Installation In Parma, OH Project Description:



  • Color/Finish: 36”X80”, “SNOW MIST” Interior, “COAL BLACK” Exterior

  • Hardware: “ADDISON GRIP” Exterior, “ACCENT” Interior (Black Finish)

  • Lock System: “ADDISON” THUMBTURN DEADBOLT (Black Finish)

  • Glass: “CARMEN” Decorative Glass w/ “CHINCHILLA” Privacy Glass



  • Size/Color: 16” WIDE, “SNOW MIST” Interior, “COAL BLACK” Exterior

  • Glass: “CARMEN” Decorative Glass w/ “CHINCHILLA” Privacy Glass

Highlights and Benefits from the Project:

  • Increased Value to Home and Neighborhood
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Complete Life of the Home, Transferable Warranty

“The updates give our home a crisp, clean, modern aesthetic. We are incredibly PROUD of our new door. We truly feel as though we made a significant impact on our home, and it is satisfying being able to show our neighbors how much we care about our own home and the community.”

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