Window Depot installed multiple replacement windows in Euclid, Ohio at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Quirarte. It was a warm spring day in Euclid, Ohio when Mrs. Quirarte decided to crank open her old, awning window in hopes of catching a nice breeze of the lakeshore. The stiff old metal window was so difficult to open, that the handle broke right off. Frustrated and upset, Mrs. Quirate realized that none of her kitchen windows opened anymore. Not only had the handle broken on the awning window, but the old, double hung was stuck shut, and would not budge. Mrs. Quirarte decided she had had enough of her old windows that were no longer working. She called Window Depot for a free estimate to get some pricing on replacing both windows.

After accepting our proposal, Window Depot removed the Quirarte’s old, broken windows and replaced them with one double-hung window, and one 2-lite slider. The new windows are well insulated with, white with double pane glass and a super spacer seal for added efficiency. The new 2-lite slider that sits above Mrs. Quirarte’s sink is much easier to open now, and she loves how easy they operate!

Highlights of Replacement Windows in Euclid, Ohio

• Vinyl, double-hung window
• Vinyl, 2-lite slider
• Half Screens
• SuperSpacer for added efficiency
• Vinyl Kraft

“My new kitchen windows look great!”
– Mrs. Quirarte

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