Window Depot installed replacement windows in Marblehead, Ohio at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Nickell. Mr. and Mrs. Nickell love their recently purchased 1860s farmhouse. However, they did not love the windows that were in the home. Some of the windows were original to the home, and totally inefficient. Other windows had been replaced periodically over the years, but those windows were also inefficient, they were a pain to open, not to mention that the Nickells just didn’t like the way they looked. One day, Mrs. Nickell was talking to her friend Rachel about how excited she was to have the farmhouse. She told Rachel if she could somehow update the windows, she would love the farmhouse even more! Rachel encouraged Ms. Nickell to consider having them replaced. She also told her to call Window Depot – Cleveland. Rachel was familiar with Window Depot as they had replaced the windows at her home—and did a fantastic job! Ms. Nickell called Window Depot as soon as Rachel left.

Window Depot Cleveland visited Mr. and Mrs. Nickell to measure and inspect their existing windows. After leaving them with a down to the penny price quote Mr. and Mrs. Nickell called Window Depot Cleveland and asked them to proceed with the work. Window Depot Cleveland removed three, large picture windows, and several double-hung windows. Those old windows were replaced with new, white, EnergyStar rated, composite windows that were easy to open and efficient.

Highlights of replacement windows in Marblehead, Ohio

  • 1800s Farmhouse
  • White composite replacement windows
  • EnergyStar Rated
  • Efficient Installation
  • Lifetime Warranty

“Professional & courteous. Can’t believe how amazing our windows look! They were very tidy and worked quick and efficiently!”
– Mrs. Nickell

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