Window Depot installed these replacement windows in Rocky River, Ohio at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tompkins who have a beautiful front yard, but the front window in their home prevented them from fully enjoying the view because their large front window was cloudy from a broken seal and the glass would not come clean no matter how many different remedies that tried. As a result, they knew it was time to replace the large 3-section window. The Tompkins had some reservations about how much a large window like theirs would cost. Then they remembered that years prior, their neighbors had their windows installed by Window Depot in Rocky River. They Tompkins had stopped by their neighbors to ask one of the Window Installers if they could assist them with a broken piece on their window. The friendly installer accommodated the Tompkins’ request and fixed the problematic window for the time being. The Tompkins were so grateful that he was able to do this at no cost, that they decided to call Window Depot to come replace their faulty front window. Since complete the Tompkins not only have a clear view of the front yard but they have a highly functional window as well. An unforeseen benefit is the ease of operation. Now their granddaughter can easily open the new window to tell her mom goodbye when she drops her off to spend time with grandma.

Highlights of Replacement Windows in Rocky River, OH

  • Increased natural light in the home
  • Energy efficient double pane glass
  • Complete Lifetime and Life of the Home Warranty

“The windows are so easy to open now and I can finally enjoy the view of my yard!”
– Mrs. Tompkins

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